How to Market Your Farm Produce Effectively to Avert Food wastages

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It is always the desire of every hardworking farmer to reap big after toiling in the farms over a given period cultivating crops. This is always a good dream to many but its quite unfortunate that many farmers toil tirelessly through only to lose their crops due to poor storage after harvesting, low prices at the markets hence denying farmers their rightful gains, unreliable channels of distribution among others.
Its right to say that where there’s a reliable market for farm produce farmers are bound to gain immensely. On the other hand, when clients get food that they require at the right time causes of food wastage are minimised at a greater percentage.
Here are some two basic points critical to a farmer that will effectively help In minimising food waste.
Demand, it’s good for a farmer to factor in the demand for a given crop before planting and to…

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Ms J's dialogue desk

Gosh, I can’t believe that yours truly, Ms J is putting this down.  But because I took up the role of being their voice, I won’t by any means, let them down.  To the men in the house who wonder why sometimes she is non-responsive in the bedroom, here are a few things you should know.

  1. That G-string that she purchased from the expensive lingerie shop was not done just for her.  She wished you bought it for her, but she understands that it might seem pretty akward for some of you.  However, to not notice it at night as she stands there pretending to oil her long dark legs, is offensive.  Yeap! very offensive.  truth-about-intimacy
  2. Girl is got a figure.  That’s what you told her when you first started dating her.  Now you are married and she is starved of those complimenting words you never spared to tell her…

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If you were able to get your hands on a newspaper dated December 2017 or two 2 years from today, what is the first section you would like to read?

New Service Times

Would you read the sections on politics, lifestyle, sports or perhaps you would read the stocks pages to know where you should invest. Given a chance, many of us would select the stocks section. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Who in their right mind would pass up a guaranteed opportunity at success?

As we start a new year, some are optimistic that this is the year they get their big break. There are those who are rather pessimistic – they’ve gotten tired or cynical of waiting for their big break. Then, there are pragmatists who believe there is no such thing as opportunity. It’s up to me to make things happen in my life!

READ Matthew 13:44 

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Why Kisumu Real Estate developers should invest more on ‘Bedsitters’; cheap houses.

Business Apex

IMG_20160208_152608It’s 12:40pm, exactly 20 minutes to 1pm and I’m in this office wiling away time as I wait for a colleague to finish up filling his news story so that we go for lunch together. Being a Friday the newsroom is rather inactive unlike other days; my phone rings. It turns out that’s it’s my friend and a former colleague calling from Nairobi. Why would she be calling after such a long time? I begin to wonder. After few pleasantries and bit of catch up she opens up to the main reason why she called. She had been transferred to Kisumu and she should be reporting to her new work station in the next one week. Her fears were obvious; where she would stay. Surprisingly, she makes it clear that she is looking for a “Bedsitter”, self-contained single room priced between Kshs.5,000-10,000 per month.

Having been around Kisumu earlier than…

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#GCARD3 communications – A call to the good, the willing and the innovators



Are you a professional communicator, or a social media enthusiast? Are you part of the GFAR network (the Global Forum on Agricultural Research) or CGIAR (the global agricultural research partnership), or one of its partners? Are you involved in a nonprofit organisation, institute or university working on any aspect of food security, agriculture, sustainable development, or eco-systems,…? Or a young social media enthusiast willing to put your skills into use for the greater good?

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Drop in Price of Crude Oil :Massive job losses to fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters

If this pops up on your newsfeed, I would greatly appreciate if you would take a few minutes out of your day to read it and possibly even share it please.

For months now, the ignorance from both the general public and people that even work in the industry has irritated me regarding the “Oil Crisis” within the North Sea industry. Regardless of what the National press would have us believe, there isn’t an oil crisis, there’s a crisis within the industry – there’s a difference. There’s an abundance of North Sea oil and I hate to break it to some but the SNP weren’t lying – why do you think David Cameron and his cronies were so keen to keep us? But this isn’t meant to be a political post. In a nutshell, the Arabians are churning oil out like nobody’s business, the American’s are self-sufficient due to fracking and the result is a major knock-on effect here. Until the Arabians turn the tap off as it were, nothing’s going to change and more jobs are likely to go.

The ‘65,000’ job losses in the last year that are again, being reported by the National press, are far from the truth. These numbers are mainly staff positions. Contractors within the industry are the ‘forgotten’ because their numbers don’t require to be reported to the government. You could potentially double those figures.

I have seen comments on social media in the past week alone that have astounded me regarding some people’s ignorance. One in particular, annoyed me considerably and that was that the person was “tired of receiving CVs from greedy ex oil workers with no qualifications”. Yes, the majority of people who still work in or have worked for the oil industry have good salaries. What were they supposed to do, refuse them and ask for half? The majority thinking their jobs were safe – who wouldn’t? – have taken out mortgages, loans, etc in accordance with those salaries that still have to be paid regardless of whether they’re working or not. No, some of them don’t have degrees coming out of their ears but they do have years and years of experience and in-house training. That apparently accounts for nothing.

When the clock chimes 4pm today, my husband, who has worked for the oil industry nearly all his working life since he was 16 will close his company laptop for the last time and will join the ranks of the unemployed for the first time in his life. For the past nearly 7 years, he has worked for one of the major oil companies, getting up at 5.30am every morning to work his butt off … to save theirs. So, the next time that you’re clapping your hands with glee when you’re at the filling station filling your vehicles with cheap petrol or diesel, when the lorry arrives with your cheap heating oil to heat your home, etc, PLEASE spare a thought for all the men and women, both on and offshore who helped get it there … and who are wishing that they were doing the same.

By Lynne Little